Enable Your Team’s True Potential


31 JanEnable Your Team’s True Potential

Putting your team in the best position to be collaborative and productive is key to your organization’s success. Breaking down barriers that slow collaboration can set apart great teams from the good ones. 

Meetings are meant for collaboration – for teams to solve problems and to create new ideas. Meetings are often unproductive and filled with barriers that impact the effectiveness of teams. There are too many reasons for unproductive meetings: inability to connect and share your screen, too many cords, having the wrong cords, team members not engaged, limited whiteboards and easel pads, and the list goes on. 

Technology continues to advance teams and organizations to run more productive and collaborative environments. Great organizations are adopting ways to foster team collaboration and to minimize the barriers that lead to unproductive meetings. Adoption of interactive whiteboard technology is growing quickly. The market and availability of new products continues to expand with the launch announcements of Google’s Jamboard and Cisco’s Spark Board joining the likes of Microsoft and DisplayTen. These interactive whiteboards have become the centerpiece for improved collaboration, offering digital whiteboards, video conferencing, and wireless connectivity to help reduce ineffective collaboration in the workplace. There are similar functionalities amongst these interactive whiteboard displays, but there are some key differences DisplayTen offers:

  • Affordability - DisplayTen is more affordable. Our interactive whiteboards start at $2,799 for our 55” display. (See the table below).
  • Built for the Big Screen - DisplayTen is designed specifically for large screens. 
  • Open System Architecture - We have Android and PC offerings allowing the customer to install other applications. Customers have the freedom to choose their video conferencing solution. They have the option to choose from leaders in video conferencing, like Zoom and are not limited to solutions only offered by the provider of the interactive display.
  • Unified Design & Experience - The tools on our interactive display are designed to be simple, intuitive and easy to use. 
  DisplayTen Interactive Whiteboard Microsoft Surface Hub Google Jamboard Cisco Spark Board
Size(s) Available 55”, 70”, 84" 55”, 84" 55" 55”, 70"
Price 55” - $2,799
70” - $6,399
84” - $14,399
55” - $8,999
84” - $21,999
 55” - under $6,00 55” - $4,990
70” - $9,990 
  (+$199/Monthly cloud services) 
System Architecture Open Closed Closed Closed


DisplayTen is transforming the traditional office and making the meeting room spaces more useful by developing the technologies to solve the workplace issues and improving the ways teams collaborate. Organizations need to foster collaboration and need to make it seamless to collaborate. With DisplayTen, our interactive whiteboards make collaboration simple. 

To learn more about how DisplayTen can help break down the barriers impacting your team and help increase your team collaboration, click here.