“As a professor, I used many boards. DTEN is amazing and surprisingly easy to use. I like it very much, it’s a very good product.”

-- William.B, Professor of Stanford Graduate School of Business

Simply pick up the pen and share your thinking on the touchscreen display with no hesitation. You can easily distribute your notes electronically as a PDF. DTEN technology is here to help you, not to interrupt your thinking.

Executives and Sales

“I can bring my own laptop to any meeting room without worries about different cables now. DTEN helps me focus on customer needs”

-– Chris D. Sales Manager

Have you ever had to crawl under a conference table or around on the floor to connect cables to your laptop, only to find out that the cables provided don’t work? Save yourself this frustration with DTEN that gives you a wireless connection to a smart touchscreen Display that lets you focus on the collaboration or your presentation.


“Focusing on my thinking is important in the group discussion, spark can be gone in a blink, write it down on paper, or DTEN”

– John D. Principal Engineer

Engineers like to diagram their solutions to problems they face. Now you can get a powerful whiteboard that lets you collaborate on a touchscreen Smart Display that capture your work and email it from the screen to everyone once the meeting is completed. With DTEN, there is no need to have someone transcribe your notes on a whiteboard and email them out to everyone.


“Installation and maintenance cost are hidden from the product price, it becomes a major investment to make the device running sometimes. DTEN simply makes this cost $0 for me.”

–- David T. IT Manager

As the IT professional, you are your company’s go-to person for all technology installation, setup, and maintenance. The DTEN makes conferencing and collaborating technology so easy to use that anyone can set it up for themselves. The DTEN is completely wireless so there are no cables that need to be laid, and the Smart Display is as easy to set up as your high def television at home.